Happy Newsletter!

Happy Newsletter!

Newsletter 01 - Thursday January 3, 2019

Hi! I’m Mara Lecocq. I’m a freelance creative director and one half of Where Are The Boss Ladies. The other half is my awesome partner Christina Jones, creative manager at Virtue.

We wanted to start a newsletter to amplify perspectives of ad ladies, and send some positive vibes in your inbox. I know waking up to a deluge of meeting invites and overzealous emails is never fun (What a lovely 11:47 pm email. And with 15 people CC'd. And 8 responses?! Jesus you guys). So, hopefully this is an email that will be more enjoyable.


🙏 We also wanted to thank you for your amazing contributions to the database. You have helped ladies find their next, and perhaps first, female boss. You have helped shine a light on unsung heroes for others to find them. Thank YOU. 

Quick story
Early 2018, I started a tiny list of female executive leaders on Google Sheets. I was looking for my potential next boss. 


After 13 years in advertising in three different countries, I had never had a female boss. And with women dropping off in their 30s, I was afraid of becoming a stereotype. I needed to see my future self.


I needed to see a woman in her 40s killing it in the boardroom, with kids, who was...happy? Nice? Caring? Not necessarily all of the above—it’s cool, I know you can’t have it all—but someone who redefines what leadership is for women.

Don't get me wrong, I’ve had wonderful boss dudes. These men have believed in me, taught me lessons, seen me cry, seen me grow. Just like dads. I know people find it weird to associate bosses to parents...but, in my opinion, bosses are like parents. They are the future you, and they're here to teach you life skills that will turn you in your best self. How can we not make those parallels? And you know who stereotypically have a reputation for being excellent parents? Moms. A friend told me, “It’s like we’re wired for this shit.” This shit being leadership.

However, as soon as we graduate to leadership, we women benefit from 15% less representation for every promotion. Congratulations! You are now 15% more lonely! 
PS. These are stats from agencies who support the 3% Conference and were willing to share them. 

That’s why we created Where Are The Boss Ladies. To help us see what we can be. Celebrating senior leaders in our industry. YES white hair. YES experience. YES wisdom.

Coming up in the next newsletter:

  • Internet strangers banding together to collect 1,000 Boss Ladies

  • 2018 Wins & Fails 🤩😩

"Hey! Let's do a nonprofit! And let's start all these programs 'cause we have so much time on our hands! Easy, we got this!" Stay tuned. 

Boss Lady Wisdom

Thank you to all the boss ladies who are redefining leadership and keeping us hopeful. Here are some of their truth bombs we shared on social media. Congrats to God-Is Rivera who is now at Twitter!

Boss Lady Perspectives

Article: How Being a Mother of 4 Made Me a Better Creative Leader
Nathalie Huni, ECD, New York

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100% vs 60%

"Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them." Forbes

I mean...look at these guys! We can find inspiration anywhere, ladies. 😄 Full tips on Fishbowl. (Seriously, I'm taking notes.)

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But really. How was your 2018?

"Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it's fake." 
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As much as I want this to be sweet and cheerful (isn’t that what inaugural newsletters look like—all positives and getting people PUMPED), the end of 2018 got me thinking a lot. In summary:


That was my 2018. How about yours? We'll share the results next week!

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2018 in 5 feelings

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