How To Be A Lady Ally

From the SXSW panel Why Women Keep Each Other Down by Mirum Agency’s Julie Koepsell, with Francine Anthony from Sitecore, Cherry Park from Qualcomm, and Mara Lecocq from Where Are The Boss Ladies.

Lady Ally sticker concept and card copy by Talia Rapp, copywriter at JWT New York.


4 things you can do to support women:

1️⃣ Give her credit in meetings and to her boss. She is often humble and will not toot her own horn.

2️⃣ Pay attention to the quiet ones. They usually have powerful opinions if you encourage them to speak.

3️⃣ Be an ally to the difficult ladies. If they trust you, you can influence them. If not, leave.

4️⃣ Be forgiving of mistakes. We all come from different cultures and generations, and there’s always a first time we learn how to be a better person.


What if she’s a difficult to work with?

Try to be her ally. Just try.

  • Help her succeed.

  • Give her credit in front of others and her boss.

  • Make her feel safe with you.

  • She is insecure and hard on herself. Celebrate her qualities.

  • Earn her trust and use that to influence her positively.

  • If you work under her:

    • Do your job better than anyone else could.

    • Take work off her plate.

    • Flatter her by asking for her advice—and make her feel like you’re not wasting her time by applying it.

If your relationship still doesn’t work, leave.


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